Ark Lodge Cinema

Branding | Print Design

Ark Lodge Cinema is a very well known theater in Columbia City. The branding for it currently is not up to par. For this assignment we had 10 weeks to completely rebrand the theater. We had to do the entire branding process from beginning to end including coming up with a brand book that could be used by other designers when creating collateral for the theater. My branding revolves around the well known marquee outside the theater and celebrates both it's experience and quirkiness.
Timeframe 10 Weeks
Problem Ark lodge is a very old movie theater that has an issue getting it's name out there. It has a hard time keeping customers coming back and people don't understand the Mason joke behind their current logo. Look hasn’t been refreshed in a very long time. It wants to still connect to it’s old routes and emphasise that it has been around for a while. The theater is a mix of both modern and old and wants to show itself as such.
Goal Increase recognition of the cinema. Bring in more customers that like the traditional movie theater. Help people understand the traditional feeling of the theater’s background. Increase attendant retention.
Solution Ark Lodge Cinema in a style that shows off the knowledge and history of the theater. Using a modern art deco we acknowledge the history of theater and have a unique logo and brand that stands out among our competitors. We based our brand off of the marquee in the front of the theater which is something that the people in the community have come to know very well, and something that our new customers will not soon forget.