Motion Graphics | UX / UI

Chatbots take advantage of our current technology and relate to young adults in a medium that they understand very well. Brooke is a chatbot that answers all of those life questions that parents didn’t have time to teach. These include taxes, insurance, and utilities. With Brooke handling all of these tasks becomes easy. This project goes through identifying our demographic, figuring out a solution that best fits them, making user flows to prove that solution, branding a new company, and creating a video explaining Brooke to the world.
Timeframe 5 Weeks
Problem Young adults who are either fresh out of college or just entering the workforce are often not able to complete the tasks that an independent adult life requires. These tasks are not taught in school or by their parents and can make living on their own very difficult. These young adults are used to a fast paced life and want to know the answer now.
Goal We want to provide a solution that teaches young adults how to complete these tasks in a trustworthy and efficient way.
Solution A Chatbot that uses both contextual awareness and machine learning to answer any questions they might have. Brooke will also serve as a resource helping young adults complete everything from their taxes to paying their utility bill.