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Having a system the helps you bike smarter and harder is something that is difficult to achieve. Using the advancements in AR and HUDs we were able to come up with a product that allows riders to not only bike smarter and harder, but also safer. Cadence is a pair of glasses that you wear that can show you obstacles in the road, get you where you are going, keep you connected to your social media, and keep you motivated while working out. This project allowed us to fully explore this concept from start to finish and create a whole brand experience from visual design to ux.
Timeframe 6 Weeks
Problem AR is an exciting new field that is being used primarily in gaming situations. When biking users don't have standard apps that are used while driving and walking such as maps and alerts for keeping yourself safe and on track they feel behind the rest of the community. Also riding bikes presents an opportunity to take photos and videos of scenery and situations that otherwise wouldn't be possible. The bike world needs to catch up to the rest of the transportation and exercise industry.
Goal Create a solution that allows bikers to have directions from one place to another. Use their phones. Take photos and videos, and keep track of their physical activity all while riding their bike and staying safe on an always more dangerous world.
Solution Cadence is an AR app combination that allows for users to interact with their phone without sacrificing safety. Users can have real time information displayed on their goggles. Such as directions, speed, locations, dangers, and special situations. It also learns from you and can respond to texts and calls for you as well as take photos and videos that you share on social media. Non invasive headphones allow you to still hear the outside world while also talking to the device. Also custom glasses will adjust themselves to the current sun level and become the needed level of sunglasses to keep you safe on the road.