Moon Game

Branding | UX / UI | Web Design

Moon Game is a turn based physics strategy game. It is a game based in outerspace where you place as one of two factions. These two factions have the technology to build planets and moons. Mining existing planets for resources, players build solar systems which they defend and attack by building and launching moons at the enemy solar systems. The final game will have over 60 planets and many ways to play and win the game. Available on iPhone, Android, and desktop Moon Game is the strategy game for your busy life. This case study looks at the creation of Moon game.
Timeframe 30 Weeks
Problem Moon Game is going to be made available for both mobile and desktop. And as such needs to be designed Mobile first, but also usable on desktop. I am working with one partner who is an incredible dev. But the both of us are taking on a lot of responsibilities to finish the game as this is going to be actually playable and is not just a mock-up.
Goal Create a mobile and desktop game that feels like an RTS but can be played at anytime. Should take strategy and thought process to beat and not have any instant win strategies. The game should be complicated enough that it stands out from the crowd but simple enough to have a learning curve that is easily understandable.
Solution A turn based RTS game allows people to have the strategy and macro of an RTS game with the time restraints of a turn based game that you can play on the go.the game uses gravity and planetary physics to fire moons around a solar system. Three tier tech trees allow for a deep rock paper scissors​ situation where players can counter each other as they figure out each other's ideas through scouting. The game has a quick learning curve of firing moons around, but takes a long time to master learning the best build paths and locations to counter an enemy and master the solar system.