Branding | Illustration | Packaging

Old Growth fills a unique spot in the growing cannabis marketplace. While becoming more and more accepted cannabis still has some stigma attached to it. Old Growth bridges that gap between drinking a beer with you dad and smoking with him. It is a cannabis beverage that tastes and looks like beer. But instead of getting you drunk, yoi get a great high. Perfect for those that still want to hangout at a party, but don't want to get drunk. We had to create the packaging, and marketing and advertising, and take photos of all of our collateral.
Timeframe 5 Weeks
Problem In a growing marketplace marijuana is becoming more and more popular having a way that parents and their young adult children can both enjoy marijuana together in a way that they won't be judged for.
Goal Create a product that is both unique in the current marketplace as well as something that span generations. Something that doesn't have the stigma attached to it. It should be able to take the place of other recreational intoxications and allow unique taste for people who don't want the usual experience.
Solution We created oldGrowth cannabis beverages to fill the void of a drink that will let you get high without the stigma and health concerns of smoking. It can be drunk at parties and fit right in with people drinking beer so you aren't forced to enjoy life the way that they do. These beverages have similar flavors to beer but instead of getting you drunk they will get you high. Different variations paired with different beer flavors maximize the experience and will make you want to come back for more.