Branding | Illustration | Packaging

Old Growth fills a unique spot in the growing cannabis marketplace. While becoming more and more accepted cannabis still has some stigma attached to it. Old Growth bridges that gap between drinking a beer with you dad and smoking with him. It is a cannabis beverage that tastes and looks like beer. But instead of getting you drunk, yoi get a great high. Perfect for those that still want to hangout at a party, but don't want to get drunk. We had to create the packaging, and marketing and advertising, and take photos of all of our collateral.

Timeframe 5 Weeks
Roles Branding Print / Packaging Marketing User Research / Testing Art Directing Photography
Skills Illustrator InDesign Photoshop Google Forms

In a growing marketplace marijuana is becoming more and more popular having a way that parents and their young adult children can both enjoy marijuana together in a way that they won't be judged for.


Create a product that is both unique in the current marketplace as well as something that span generations. Something that doesn't have the stigma attached to it. It should be able to take the place of other recreational intoxications and allow unique taste for people who don't want the usual experience.


We created oldGrowth cannabis beverages to fill the void of a drink that will let you get high without the stigma and health concerns of smoking. It can be drunk at parties and fit right in with people drinking beer so you aren't forced to enjoy life the way that they do. These beverages have similar flavors to beer but instead of getting you drunk they will get you high. Different variations paired with different beer flavors maximize the experience and will make you want to come back for more.


We wanted to make sure that we fit into the current marketplace well so we did a lot of research on the current look and feel of the branding in the marijuana marketplace. We wanted to do something unique that hadn’t been done before and the problem that we really wanted to solve was allowing for young adults to get high with their parents. We did this by developing an idea that revolved around taking something that parents were already okay doing with their kids and introducing weed it it. There is no alcohol in these products but they should give you that same feeling of chilling in a bar with your parents talking about life.

User Studies

Before we could really get started on this project we had to confirm that it was a good idea of something to do. We made a survey that we posted on social media as well as took to local marijuana stores to see how people would feel about a cannabis drink that tasted similar to beer.

The results that we got back were really positive and motivated us to work hard and create something that seemed like it would be viable.

Target Customers

From this survey we were also able to look at who our target customers were.

We also looked at our key adjectives that described who we are. We used these to design the bottles that our drinks would be kept in and our logo. These adjective are:

Logo Development

With our confidence gained from confirming with users that this product would work we push on to creating a logo and basic idea of the product. We went with a piece that was more connected to nature. That both fits the mood and the idea behind our product and name.

This original logo built off of the nature aspect of oldGrowth but didn't quite connect to the rest of the adjectives describing the brand. Therefore we did another round of revisions and changed up the logo to meet the brand guidelines and fit our theme.

Bottle Design

We wanted our drinks to connect with nature and our users so we went with a flat design of nature scenes. We used specific colors for each type of cannabis to make sure that our users would always know what to expect with the type of beer that they chose. We worked very hard to make it look from a distance like beer, but when you looked at it up close you would quickly recognize that it wasn’t in fact beer.

We came up with 4 different flavors corresponding to 4 different types and combinations of cannabis. Each one needed a different color to distinguish it quickly from the rest. The visual style was unique and fit into the rest of our assets very well.


We worked directly with a photographer and art directed the shoots of our bottles of beer. We collected things from nature to make sure that we portrayed the beer exactly how we wanted to. We shot it on a green screen and then removed the background adding in relevant pictures to help set the mood of the beer. We also talked to our photographer about collecting lifestyle shots that we could use in future marketing pieces and collateral.


We know that our target audience is 21-30 year-old young adults, and through them their parents. So we took a direction in marketing of portraying adventurers drinking Oldgrowth. We wanted our users to picture themselves relaxed out in nature feeling happy and free. We chose to put our marketing around town in places that would connect with our viewers and that they would see often.


We also worked on creating a 4 pack of the Cannabis Beverage that we could sell in stores to give an example of what our packaging would look like. We also would have 4 packs of individual types of the beverage as well.

Collateral / Guerilla Marketing

We created sticker that would be put up around town to get the brand name out there are start to create mystery around what oldGrowth was.

We also decided that we would hold a contest on instagram to see who could post the most “Oldgrowth” picture in partnership with REI.

Last but not least we created some cool coasters that we could hand out at breweries and such so people could remember us well.

Future Plans

We would like to expand upon the line and add a number of new pieces. We would want to create more advertising and finish the packaging for the other ways of buying our cannabis beverage. We also would like to clean up some of the typography on the labels and probably re-shoot the bottles with those new labels as well.