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ZZ-Top is one of of the longest standing bands. When I was given them as an assignment to make a poster for I knew I would be in for a challange. I had 1 week to make an original poster and then went through 2 weeks of revisions. We had to have the band name, and the location / date of the show. The poster needed to not only get people to the show but also be something they would want to put on their wall afterwords. This project goes through my creation process from the research to the revisions that lead to my final poster.
Timeframe 3 Weeks
Problem Zz-top is a band that has a huge range of both styles and music. If they come back to Seattle they will need a gig poster that will represent the band.
Goal Create a gig poster that represents the band and their message. It should not only represent the show but also be something that fans of the band want to keep around for a long time and hang on their wall.
Solution A gig poster that brings together the legs and cars that they love. As well as the colors and logo that they are used to. Doing research​ on not only the songs that they sing but also the fans they have and the posters they have already commissioned allows for a poster that they would be proud of and that fans would love to hand on their walls for years for to come.